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If you like to dance you will certainly be able to with Embrun. Still, the band manages to also captivate the passive listener with their dance music. The five talented musicians prove with their many instruments that dance music can be cool and beautiful as well. Embrun is traditional and new, cheeky, original and dynamic.

Vic anselmo

This Latvian singer/songwriter is an amazing discovery. With her beautiful voice, her creativity and broad musicality she is capable of making wondrous things. Her songs aren't just a soundtrack for dreams but also for life. Lovely, raw and heavy.


Omdulö is an experimental folkband from German Altenburg. After releasing their first album Waldgeboren they were invited to many different stages. Last year on the Festival Mediaval in Selb, Germany they received the Golden Dwarf award for best newcomer in medieval and folk music. With their second album, Menschenmaler, the band had set the goal to create human images in music and sound.


According to Leaf, music is one of the strongest ways to communicate on a personal and intimate level. The band was founded in 2009 and has the intent to connect people with history and each other again. Fresh and pure like nature itself. The band name is strong and poetic and a reminder of our origin.

At Castlefest they won't do that alone. Matt Howden from Great Britain and musician of Sieben will come to reinforce Leaf. Together they play Leaf music and after the show a set of Sieben songs will be played, with Leaf as guest musicians.



The name of this Catalan band is a tribute to the works of Tolkien and refers to the Elven lay of the same name about the creation of the sun and the moon. Narsilion plays romantic neoclassical darkwave. The bandmembers describe their own music as "ethereal fantasy folk that sprouted from two spirits who love a world far far away, where dreams and a return to childhood are at the centre stage.

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