Tickets are selling really fast!


Only three weeks left before our presale ends! Some tickets are selling really fast! The Castlefest Camping tickets are sold out and the Castlefest Saturday tickets are selling fast as well. We expect it won’t be long before all Saturday and therefore weekend tickets are gone. In that case it’s not possible anymore to buy tickets at the festival entrance on Saturday. Don’t want to miss out? Buy your tickets as soon as possible and keep an eye on our website.


(Nederlands) Wickerman

This year, the Wickerman will not be a mythical representation, but a image that symbolizes love.

Before, we had the Gaia to grant people some awareness for our Mother Earth. Or the Greenman to honor our connection as humans to nature and to exclaim our gratefulness for the yearly rebirth. Last year we celebrated the ritual with an owl to address everybody’s wisdom and not wanting to blindly accept what you are presented.
This year it’s time for love. Love for nature, love for each other and love for yourself. Love. Caring for each other. Together, through love, try to make the world a better place.

Castlefest Winter Prizes!

We have a wonderful surprise for you! All of the artists that will play during the Castlefest Winter Party gave us various items from their merchandise collection. We used these items to create 10 awesome prizes, each worth more than two tickets, which we will divide between 10 random Castlefest Winter Party visitors. The prizes consist of a collection of: albums, posters, patches and other merchandise from both Castlefest as well as performing artists. Want to have a chance to win one? Buy a Castlefest Winter Party ticket before 0:00 on the 6th of February and you are automatically part of the lottery.


Afro Celt Sound System

When Afro Celt Sound System burst onto the music scene in 1995, their impact was so instant, so astounding, that it hit like a thunder crack. Here is a band unlike anything else, a band whose fusion of West African rhythms, Irish traditional music and cutting-edge dance grooves battered the senses and unleashed a wellspring of joy and liberation. Afro Celt Sound System is the perfect storm: a phenomenon whose confluence of elements will sweep you away on a journey of light and shade, delicacy and power.

2015 sees a very significant year for Afro Celt Sound System. It’s the 20th anniversary of the band’s live debut and the recording of the pioneering “Vol 1 – Sound Magic”. This will be celebrated by the completion of a new album, “Born”, the first studio recording since “Anatomic” in 2006. The band’s first appearance at Castlefest on July 30th is a long-overdue return to Holland to perform at what will be one of only a few select summer festivals prior to the release of this, and promises to be a uniquely dynamic and exciting event.

Presale has started

And the Castlefest presale has begun! Get your tickets for the Castlefest Winter Party and Summer edition now. Go to our ticket shop by clicking on this link.


Winter Party

Your wish is our command! After 10 years of Castlefest in the summer we proudly announce that we will host a winter edition this year! It will take place the 7th of February in De Vorstin in Hilversum (NL). Ticket sale will start next Friday (the 21st) at 18:00 and since we have only a limited amount of tickets available, we suggest you don’t wait too long before buying your tickets. You don’t want to miss this awesome party, right?

More information regarding the program of this party will follow soon on this website and our Social Media channels.


Welcome to the website of Castlefest. At this very moment we’re working on the programme of Castlefest 2015. Castlefest 2015 will take place on 31 July, 1 & 2 of August 2015. And of course there will be a special openings concert on Thursday night (30 July).

We’ll reveal more of our fantastic programme soon, so keep an eye on our website!